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In the short story The Dream, Joanna Farley was the only daughter of Benedict Farley. She stood to inherit the bulk of the enormous Benedict Farley estate. In addition, her father had tried to prevent her from marrying a poor man whom she loved. She was a suspect in her father's murder. As she told Poirot, she had every reason to desire her father's death.

Poirot observed that Joanna had inherited her father's intelligence and strength of character. Dr John Stillingfleet also told Poirot at the end of the story that he admired her grit and brains. He considered wooing her. Poirot, the inveterate matchmaker would have encouraged him but, unfortunately, in this case, he was obliged to tell Stillingfleet that another man was waiting for her.


Joanna Farley was played by Joely Richardson in the film adaptation of The Dream in Series 1 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series.