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In the novel Nemesis, Joanna Crawford is a young woman on the Famous Houses and Gardens tour with her aunt, Geraldine Riseley-Porter. She fell in love with Emlyn Price.

Joanna is about eighteen or nineteen years old, and Miss Marple observes that she is "a competent girl as well as being an attractive one".

On the day of the accident in which Miss Temple is injured, Joanna and Emlyn leave the path, and walk higher up the hillside. Joanna sees Miss Temple walk ahead of the rest of the party on the main path, and then sees someone walking on the hillside above. After the death of Miss Temple, Joanna is called to give evidence at the inquest.

Joanna says that she saw a person above her on the hillside, pushing a boulder. The person was wearing trousers and a bright red and black checked pullover. The boulder began to roll, went over the edge, and began to gain speed. She and Emlyn ran round the corner of the hill to see what happened to the stone, and they saw it on the path below, with a body underneath it.

Although Mrs Riseley-Porter decides to continue with the tour after the inquest and memorial service for Miss Temple, Joanna chooses to stay behind. She tells her aunt that she has a sore throat, and feels a temperature coming on. However, Emlyn tells Miss Marple that Joanna has had enough of her aunt bossing her around, and implies that she is staying behind to spend time with him.