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In the short story The Third Floor Flat, Jimmy Faulkener was a friend of Patricia Garnett, a young woman who had a flat on the third floor of the Friar Mansions, the building Poirot was living in. Jimmy, Patricia, and two other friends Donovan Bailey and Mildred Hope were coming back to Friar's Mansion after dinner and the theatre when Patricia discovered that she had mislaid her key. Jimmy and Donovan Bailey then tried to get into Patricia's flat via the coal lift but ended up on the third floor flat instead. There they discovered the body of a dead woman Ernestine Grant.

Jimmy was in love with Patricia but felt he had no chance because she preferred Donovan. At the end of the story, Poirot, the inveterate matchmaker, told Jimmy to convince Patricia to turn to him. "I do not think you will find it very difficult!" he noted.


Jimmy Faulkener was played by Robert Hines in the film adaptation of The Third Floor Flat in Series 3 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot.

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