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In the novel A Caribbean Mystery, Canon Jeremy Prescott is the brother of Joan Prescott, with whom he travels to the island of St Honoré. He dislikes his sister's gossiping, and rebukes her for it, on the grounds that they should see "no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil", and "think no evil", and that this should be the motto of every Christian man and woman.

Canon Prescott is described as being a "round, rubicund man", who is "breathing geniality".

After the death of Major Palgrave, Canon Prescott reads the funeral service.

Canon Prescott is extremely fond of children, especially small girls, so he is delighted when he is asked to act as arbiter in their disputes, such as over who should have the water wings next.

Canon Prescott is mentioned in the novel Nemesis. Miss Marple writes a letter to Miss Prescott, and says that she hopes the Canon is well, and did not suffer much with his asthma in the cold weather the preceding winter.


Canon Prescott only shows up in the 2013 ITV adaptation. He has a larger role here than in the original story and occupies an entire side plot. The theme of voodoo pervades the show. Major Palgrave talks about how the islanders practice it, and the hotel even puts up a voodoo dance for the guests. Canon Prescott is quite voluble in expressing disapproval of all this but later, Mama Zogbe tells Miss Marple that Prescott had been to see her, to purchase a voodoo doll and a potion. Apparently he had fallen in love with Molly Kendal, and feeling that this is wrong, wanted a potion to fall out of love. One of the Canon's hobbies is painting and there is a painting of Molly in his room. In one scene he is seen daubing black paint over the face of Molly. Notwithstanding this, Miss Marple is glad to see the Canon pair off with Molly by the end of the show.