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In the novel Lord Edgware Dies, Genevieve "Jenny" Driver is Carlotta Adams' friend in London. She specialises in the creation of fashionable hats. Her shop, Genevieve, is in Moffat Street, just off Bond Street. Jenny is small in stature, and has flaming red hair. Hastings describes her as a "pugilistic little creature", who reminds him of a fox terrier.

Before Carlotta dies, she lunched with Miss Driver—she seemed excited and told her about 'a hoax'. Poirot then visits her, and she says she looked full of life the day before. She pointed out she heard of Poirot and Captain Hastings, and asked them to go upstairs with her.

She tells her assistant Dorothy that a Mrs Lester was coming in to get a Rose Descartes model they were making for her, and to set everything up for her.

Jenny is called by Poirot to participate to the summing up of the evidence. If actor Bryan Martin, with whom she was on intimate terms, was the killer of Lord Edgware, he would need an accomplice who provided him with an alibi: that was her. Did she wish Lord Edgware's death? Not that anyone knew of, but someone tried to impersonate Lady Edgware and make Scotland Yard believe she killed her husband. Miss Driver could have been indeed an accomplice of Bryan Martin, she could have impersonated Lady Edgware, and she 'had the brains for that', but why would she kill Lord Edgware? She had no motive for it.

She later becomes romantically involved with Bryan Martin, and expresses her intention to marry him towards the end of the novel.


In the ITV TV adaptation which formed part of the series Agatha Christie's Poirot, her name was slightly changed to Penny. Her part was played by actress Deborah Cornelius.