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In the novel Why Didn't They Ask Evans?, Dr Jasper Nicholson is the Canadian owner of a sanatorium, The Grange near Merroway Court. He is married to Moira.

Dr Nicholson drives a dark blue Talbot saloon.


Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (1980)[]

In the 1980 film adaptation of the novel, Dr Nicholson is portrayed by Eric Porter.

ITV's Agatha Christie's Marple[]

In Agatha Christie's Marple, the character's firstname is changed to Alec. Here he is a psychiatrist (there is no mention of him being Canadian). He runs a clinic/sanatorium set in the grounds of Castle Savage. During or just after the Second World War, he was posted as a doctor to Malaya. At a hospital at Kuala Nerang, he met a nurse Moira whom he subsequently married. In this adaptation, he has a hobby of keeping snakes. When it is determined that Jack Savage died from an injection of snake venom, he was arrested as a suspect.

Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie[]

In Pourquoi pas Martin?, the French adaptation of Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, the parallel is Philippe Sarrazin.