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Paul Chahidi as Isaac Morris

In the 1939 novel And Then There Were None, Isaac Morris is a sleazy and unethical lawyer hired by U. N. Owen to purchase Soldier Island (under the name U. N. Owen), arrange the gramophone recording, and make arrangements on his behalf, including gathering information on the near destitute Philip Lombard, to whom he gave some money to get by and recommended Lombard bring his revolver to the island. He also had the island "isolated" by claiming to the local people that there was a bet that 8 persons were survive isolated on the Island for a week.

Spoilers ahead

Morris's is the first death chronologically, as he died before the guests arrived on the island. Morris was known to the police as suspected of being involved in stock share swindles and had also been responsible for the addiction and suicide of a young woman through his narcotics activities. The victim was the daughter of a friend of Mr. Owen. A hypochondriac, Morris accepted a lethal cocktail of pills from U. N. O. to help treat his largely imagined physical ailments. Sir Thomas Legge and Inspector Maine believed that his death was too much of a coincidence to be accidental.


In the 2015 And Then There Were None BBC miniseries, he was portrayed by actor Paul Chahidi. His role is essentially the same as the one in the original novel, but since there isn't an epilogue the adaptation leaves open whether he dies or not. Here he also has one secretary Audry which appears to know Morris well.