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Inspector Narracott is a Police Inspector, probably of the Devonshire police and based at Exeter who appears in two of Christie's works. said thoughtfully. In his first appearance, in The Sittaford Mystery, he is described as a very efficient officer. "He had a quiet persistence, a logical mind and a keen attention to detail which brought him success where many another man might have failed." In appearance he is ""a tall man with a quiet manner, rather far away gray eyes, and a slow soft Devonshire voice."


  • The Sittaford Mystery (1931) - in this first appearance, he is called to take charge of the investigation into the murder of Joseph Trevelyan at Exhampton. He quickly observes that something strange is going on. The supposed housebreaking and robbery at the crime scene had been staged. Throughtout the course of the investigation, he is open-minded enough to accept the help of, and exchange information with Emily Trefusis. However, much of the legwork is done by him and he is credited with most of the insights and investigative breakthroughs.
  • Personal Call (1954) - in this radio play, he is on the trail of a serial killer who has killed several times, including one occasion at the railway station at Newton Abbot a year ago.