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In the novel Sleeping Murder, Inspector Last from Longford Police Station is the officer in charge of the initial investigations into the murder of Lily Kimble.

Last was described as a good listener. From the disparate accounts gleaned after interviewing James Kennedy, Gwenda Reed and Giles Reed, he formed the opinion that her death might be linked to something she knew about the disappearance of Helen Halliday. Last and Kennedy also visited Lily's husband Jim Kimble although he could not shed much light on the matter. The investigation was later headed by Detective Inspector Primer from headquarters when it became clear that the case had ramifications.


BBC's Miss Marple[]

In the BBC 1987 adaptation of the novel, Inspector Last is portrayed by Peter Spraggon. In this adaptation, Inspector Primer is not featured. His role at Hillside in discovering the body of Helen Halliday is given to Last.