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In the novella Murder in the Mews, Divisional Inspector Jameson was a Scotland Yard inspector who was called to the scene of the death of Barbara Allen at 14 Bardsley Gardens Mews. He and the police surgeon Dr Brett found something unusual about the arrangement of the body which contradicted the initial finding that it was a suicide. They then called in Chief Inspector Japp.


Jameson was played by John Cording in the film adaptation of the story which was episode 2 of series 1 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot drama series. He assisted Japp in the investigations and was also present at the questioning of Major Eustace. He was not there in the original story but Poirot was.

Jameson also appeared again in the film adaptation of The Lost Mine. His appearance here is non-canonical. In the original story, neither he nor Japp was present, only Inspector Miller. Here he assisted Japp in the investigations.

In Mews, the credits list him as "Div. Insp. Jameson" which is consistent with the original story, but in Lost Mine, he is listed simply as "Jameson" and Japp addresses him as "sergeant". This is plausible since Lost Mine is set in August 1935. If Mews came later, Jameson could have been promoted by then.