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In the novel They do it with Mirrors, Inspector Curry leads the police investigation of the murder of Christian Gulbrandsen at Stonygates. He has a pleasant voice and manner, and is described as looking "quiet and serious and just a little apologetic". He learns from his superior, Superintendent Blacker, of Miss Marple's reputation in solving crimes, and of her familiarity with the "steamy side of human nature".

During the process of interviewing the residents of Stonygates, Inspector Curry draws cats on his blotting pad when he is thinking.


In Murder with Mirrors (1985), Inspector Curry is played by Leo McKern. Here he has also received some cautionery advice from his friend "Inspector Blacker" who apparently lived in St. Mary Mead. Blacker had told him that Miss Marple could be "meddlesome, obstinate, infuriating," but that she was "intuitive, instinctive and bloody useful". Curry was at first hostile to Miss Marple but quickly began to collaborate with and consult her.

In the BBC 1991 adaptation of the novel which formed part of the Miss Marple series, Inspector Curry is not featured. His role is taken over by Chief Inspector Slack.

In the ITV 2009 adaptation of the novel as part of their Agatha Christie's Marple series, his part was played by Alex Jennings.