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In the novel Dead Man's Folly, Inspector Bland of the Helmmouth Police is the investigating officer in the murders at Nasse House and is present throughout most of the book.

As a sergeant some fourteen or fifteen years ago Bland had first met Poirot and presumably they worked together on a case. He had a high opinion of Poirot, telling Constable Bob Hoskins that one would probably describe Poirot "as a scream ... Kind of music hall parody of a Frenchman, but actually he's a Belgian. But in spite of his absurdities, he's got brains. He must be a fair age now."

Late in the story, Bland came up to London on police business and stopped by to consult Poirot. The case at Nasse House had by then been five weeks old and little progress had been made. After reviewing the facts with Poirot, they both seemed to alight on the idea that Amy Folliat was the key, but a key that "would not easily turn in the lock". Bland observed that Mrs Folliat was a type of lady one could not force. "You can't frighten them, or persuade them, or diddle them." It is not clear if this was a pivotal moment but Poirot then decided to make a second trip to Devon to interview Mrs Folliat and shortly thereafter understood the true facts.

Poirot met with Major Merrall and Inspector Bland to explain his findings. Major Merrall was not in a good mood, and Inspector Bland had to use "quiet persistence" to persuade him to cancel his dinner appointment in order to meet Poirot.