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Mr Inch ran the taxi service in St. Mary Mead.

Inch, a cheery red-faced man of seventy-odd, gave place to his son - known as “Young Inch” (he was then aged forty-five) though old Inch still continued to drive such elderly ladies as considered his son too young and irresponsible. When Inch died “Young Inch” succeeded him. To keep up with the times, young Inch abandoned horse vehicles for motor cars. He was not very good with machinery and in due course a certain Mr Bardwell took over from him. The name Inch persisted. Mr Bardwell in due course sold out to Mr Roberts, but in the telephone book Inch's Taxi Service was still the official name. (The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side)

The firm later became Pip's Cars, James's Taxis and later Arthur's Car Hire, but old people still spoke of Inch. Under the ownership of Arthur one of the drivers was named George, but Miss Marple called him Edward. (Nemesis)

Inch is also mentioned in the continuation short story Miss Marple's Christmas.


Inch appears in the 1984 BBC adaptation of "The Body in the Library". He is driving Miss Marple in a taxi to the railway station. The actor is not credited but according to IMDB, it is John Evans.