In the episode Le crime de Noël of the TV series Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie, Hubert Dopagne is an old man who ran a brasserie with his son Geoffroy Dopagne. Shortly before the events in the episode, the younger Dopagne considered that his father had become insane because he started withdrawing large sums of money and giving it away. In fact, Alice Avril and Marlene experienced this when they met Hubert dressed as a Santa Claus at a Christmas market. Hubert had given each of them a 500 franc note. Geoffroy and his wife Mireille tried to have Hubert committed but he refused and the two men often had violent quarrels over the practice of giving money away.

Early in the episode, Hubert, still wearing his Santa Claus suit, is shot dead on the grounds of the Christmas market at night. Because of their violent quarrels, Geoffroy becomes a suspect. But commissaire Laurence later discovers that the key to Hubert's murder lies in the past. Hubert appears to many as a likable, slightly eccentric man but according to Christmas market stallholder Mathilde, he actually has a sinister past. A long time ago, he had forced himself on a waitress named Martine and got her pregnant. She gave birth to a son but Hubert rejected the mother and the child. As a result, Martine hanged herself.

Hubert Dopagne is portrayed by Eric LeBlanc.

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