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In Peril at End House, Hood is an orderly at the nursing home where Poirot sends Nick Buckley. He is a young man of about twenty-two years of age, and is described as "a stupid but honest-looking young fellow". Part of his duties at the nursing home was to receive packages which were dropped off for patients. He would take the packages and put them on a table in the hall, for the nurses to bring up to the patients.

Hood tells Poirot that a big, handsome-looking gentleman had come in a big car, and left a package for Nick Buckley, and that it was not Charles Vyse. Poirot deduces that it was Jim Lazarus who delivered the package.


The part of Hood is played by Fergus McLarnon in ITV's 1990 film adaptation of Peril at End House. He has much the same lines as in the book.