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Honoria Bulstrode

Harriet Walter as Honoria Bulstrode

In the novel Cat Among the Pigeons, Miss Honoria Bulstrode is the headmistress at Meadowbank School for Girls, an exclusive and expensive school which she had started with her colleague and friend Miss Chadwick. A skilled nd unconventional educator, she was adapt at balancing what parents individually wanted for their children with what she wanted for them, resulting in a highly effective programme of education which was highhy customised for each individual student. At the time of the events in the book, Miss Bulstrode had been running the school for many years and was thinking of retiring. The speculation as to who would be the successor and the competition among the senior staff would form a major element in the plot.

Miss Bulstrode is also mentioned in Hallowe'en Party as a friend of Miss Emlyn, the headmistress at the Elms School in Woodleigh Common.


In the 2008 ITV adaptation of the novel, Miss Bulstrode is portrated by Harriet Walter. The portrayal is largely faithful to the original novel with slight embellishments. Here she is a personal friend of Hercule Poirot who appears in the plot much right from the beginning, as opposed to the book where he only turns up towards the middle. In this adaptation, Miss Bulstrode asks Poirot to tour the school and get to know the staff and give her his personal assessment as to who would be a suitable successor.

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