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In the short story The King of Clubs, Henry Reedburn was an impresario. In the story, he was found dead at his mansion Mon Désir at Streatham.

Reedburn was described as a person with "a somewhat unsavoury reputation" but no specifics were given.

Poirot later learned that Reedburn had been blackmailing the dancer Valerie Saintclair over some unspecified secret in her past.


Henry Reedburn was played by David Swift in the adaptation of The King of Clubs in Series 1 of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot. His background was changed in the adaptation. Here he was not an impresario but the owner of "Parade Studios". His "unsavoury reputation" was portrayed in detail. He was a dislikable, ill-tempered man who frequently bullied his staff and a ladies man.