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In the novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Major Hector Blunt was Roger Ackroyd's friend. He is described as a "man of medium height, sturdily and rather stockily built". He is a rather well known big game hunter and a guest of the household. According to Dr Sheppard, Blunt is so well-known that when someone hears the name Blunt they immediately think of the big-game hunter.

Prior to the opening of the story, Major Blunt had received an inheritance of twenty thousand pounds.

Role in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (warning; contains spoilers)[]

He is secretly in love with Flora Ackroyd. When Poirot exposed Flora as the person who stole Roger Ackroyd's money, Hector tried to defend her, saying that Roger had given the money to him. However, both Poirot and Inspector Raglan knew it wasn't true.

At the end of the novel, he gets engaged with Flora.