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In the novel Hercule Poirot's Christmas, Harry Lee is the son of Simeon Lee.

Harry is described as haing a "bold arrogant jaw", a high-bridged nose", and a "rollicking eye". He has a habit of throwing his head back when he laughs, and of stroking his finger along the line of his jaw. There is a close resemblance between him and his father as a young man.

Simeon had intended Harry to go into the family business, but Harry did not do so. According to David Lee, Harry had always been "frightfully wild", getting into debt and other troubles. Harry had gone off one day with seeral hundred pounds that did not belong to him, leaving a note saying that an office job did not suit him, and he was going to see the world. The family heard from him when he periodically cabled for money from various parts of the world, and he usually got it.

Harry was his father's favourite son, and had not gotten along with his brother Alfred. When Harry arrives at Gorston Hall near the beginning of the novel, he anticipates that Alfred will not be looking forward to see him. He compares himself to the prodigal son, and Alfred to the good brother.

Simeon described Harry as always having "a way with the girls", and felt that Harry took after him in that way. He also mentioned having "gipsy blood" in him, which he thought had not shown much in his children, except Harry.

Harry is in the dining room with Alfred when they hear the crashing of furniture and a scream coming from Simeon's room. They run upstairs, and Harry and Stephen Farr break down the door.

After Simeon's death, Harry tells Poirot, Colonel Johnson, and Superintendent Sugden that he is not particularly broken-hearted over his father's death, as he had not seen him since he was a boy. However, he says that he is out for revenge against the murderer, and that the Lees as a family are rather keen on revenge, and do not forget easily. He adds that he means to make sure that the murderer is caught and hanged, and if the police do not catch the murderer, he will take the law into his own hands.

At the end of the novel, Harry tells Alfred that he intends to go and live in Hawaii, as this was something he always meant to do if he had some money. He tells Alfred that his talk of coming home for good was just a joke, and he cannot help trying to "pull a fellow's leg". He apologises for riling Alfred up, and Alfred says that he must also learn to take a joke.