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Grace Springer

Elizabeth Berrington as Grace Springer

Miss Grace Springer was the new games mistress at the Meadowbank School for Girls. She is classed as a "woman you could neither love or hate", she is shot to death in the school's sports pavilion.


Grace Springer is a no nonsense person who can be harsh to her students and likes to find secrets about people and expose it. She feels that nobody can teach if they have nothing to hide.

She warns the teachers that something is happening at the school, but they weren't listening to her and her blunt personalty has caused many arguments, but she is too overconfident to notice that she is at fault.


She was murdered in the Sports Pavilion, shot in the heart, she was only mourned by Jennifer Sutcliffe due to the fact she improved her tennis skills.


On the night, she discovered Ann Shapland looking for Jennifer's tennis racket, she tried to confront her about in her typical confidence, however Ann had a gun and before Grace could react was gunned down.


She is played by Elizabeth Berrington in the 2011 Episode of the same name. The character is made more of a bully and is very sadistic to students and teachers, an addition is added of her Blackmailing one of the teachers to the point that they made a voodoo doll of her. The night she discovers Ann, she offers to keep quiet for a price, however Ann grabs a javelin instead, Grace realises that she's in danger tries to run, but it was too late the mess on the floor tipped her up and Ann threw the javelin killing her.