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In the novel Nemesis, The Golden Boar is a hotel or inn in Jocelyn St. Mary. The group travelling with the Famous Houses and Gardens tour lodges there.


In the BBC 1987 adaptation of the novel, the tour group also stays at the "Golden Boar" but the town name is changed to "Abbey Ducis". The exterior scenes of the "Golden Boar" are filmed at the "Bear Hotel", Woodstock, Oxfordshire. The hotel has a historic inn sign in front which says "The Bear Hotel" which is changed to "Golden Boar" for the purposes of the film. The actual hotel is near Blenheim Palace, which was on the itinerary of the tour.

The interiors and garden scenes were filmed at the Antrobus Hotel, Amesbury.

In the adaptation, the hotel had a chambermaid named Florence and a unnamed receptionist portrayed by Diane Agnew.

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