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In the novel The Murder at the Vicarage, Miss Gladys Cram is the secretary of Dr Stone. She is twenty-five years old. She is described as being "noisy in manner, with a high colour, fine animal spirits and a mouth that always seems to have more than its share of teeth".

Some of the residents of St. Mary Mead consider it inappropriate for a young woman to be a secretary to an unmarried man, particularly for them to go to the country, and stay in the same hotel. Some are also of the opinion that Miss Cram intends to marry Dr Stone.

Miss Marple sees Miss Cram carrying a suitcase into the woods in the middle of the night. The suitcase is later found, and is revealed to contain some clothes, and some articles of silver from Old Hall. It is revealed that the person claiming to be Dr Stone was actually an imposter, and had stolen the ilver. Miss Cram wasn’t aware of Dr Stone's criminal activities, and had carried the suitcase into the woods because he had told her that he had rivals who would not stop at burglary in order to discredit his theories.


Gladys Cram does not appear in the BBC 1986 adaptation of the novel which formed part of the Miss Marple series.