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In the novel They do it with Mirrors, Gina Hudd (née San Severiano) is the granddaughter of Carrie Louise and Eric Gulbrandsen, through her mother "Pippa". Gina is the daughter of Pippa and Guido San Severiano. Her biological maternal grandmother was Katherine Elsworth, a woman who was hanged for administering arsenic to her husband. Gina was born in Italy, and moved to England as an infant when her mother died in childbirth. Gina is married to Walter.

She spent World War II in the US with her great aunt Ruth, sent there for safety. While there, she volunteered for "war work" and met her husband.

Gina is young and beautiful, with "a row of lovely teeth in a sunburnt southern face".

Gina drives a two-seater Rolls Bentley to the Market Kindle station to pick up Miss Marple. This displeases Edgar Lawson, who had already driven there to meet Miss Marple.

Gina is aware that Alexis and Stephen Restarick, and Edgar Lawson, are in love with her, even though she is married to Walter. She believes that as soon as women lose their looks, the men they love don't love them anymore, and so she enjoys the attention of the men around her while she is still young and attractive. She and Alexis share a kiss by the lake, and are caught by Mildred Strete.

Gina and Walter have a fight, where he says that he wants to go back to America because he does not like living at Stonygates. He tells her that perhaps he rushed her into marriage, and if so, she should divorce him and start again. Gina says that she will get a divorce, and will marry either Alexis or Stephen Restarick. However, they eventually make up.

At the end of the novel, Gina writes a letter to her great aunt Ruth, describing how Edgar Lawson and Lewis Serrocold drowned, and how she never realised that Carrie Louise and Mildred were so fond of each other. She also says that she and Walter intend to return to America as soon as possible.

Miss Marple says that Gina and Walter remind her of someone, but Gina stops her before she can say who it is. Gina says she is suspicious of Miss Marple's village parallels, because they always have "A sting in the tail", and she affectionately calls Miss Marple "a wicked old woman".


Murder with Mirrors (1985)[]

In Murder with Mirrors (1985), Gina is played by Liane Langland. Gina's husband's name is changed to Walter Markham. Gina's parents died in an aircrash. Miss Marple says she had refused to travel in an aeroplane ever since that accident.

BBC's Miss Marple[]

In the BBC 1991 adaptation of the novel which formed part of the Miss Marple series, Gina is played by Holly Aird. Her background is similar to that in the book, except that she met her husband during the Korean War, suggesting that she had volunteered as a nurse during that war. Here both Alexis and Stephen Restarick try to chat her up and she is seen often going about with them. However Carrie Louise tells Miss Marple that Gina really does love Wally. Miss Marple does not believe it at first until she sees Gina with Wally and his newly purchased horse. Miss Marple then realises that Carrie Louise was actually a very perceptive person, and she drew on her observations for several important leads.

ITV's Agatha Christie's Marple[]

In the ITV 2009 adaptation of the novel as part of their Agatha Christie's Marple series, Gina is played by Emma Griffiths Malin. Here she is not the adopted granddaughter but the adopted daughter of Carrie Louise. Mildred is much younger in this adaptation and is her sister. There is tension between the two as Mildred thinks that Gina has monopolised Carrie Louise's affections. Mildred plants a newspaper article about the murderess Katherine Elsworth who is Gina's real mother. This upsets Gina tremendously. During an amateur theatrical staged at Stoneygates, Gina (who in this adaptation takes part in drama) puts on a blonde wig to resemble Ellesworth, perhaps as a way of expressing her resentment that this secret had been hidden from her. Gina's feelings for her husband Wally Hudd are complex. Her affection for Stephen Restarick seems real--they kiss secretly in the theatre. But she does defend Wally when the police are about to arrest and take him away. She argues that anyone could have left the drawing room unseen by using a secret door which she shows to the police. At the end of the show she chooses to go with Wally and she later writes to Miss Marple that she had followed him to Wyoming and that they had prospered.

Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie[]

In Jeux de glaces, the TV film adaptation of the novel by France Télévisions, the parallel character is Juliette White.