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In the novel Peril at End House, Reverend Giles Buckley is the husband of Jean and father of Maggie. He is very passive in the search for his daughter's murderer. He is described as a "small man, grey-haired, with a diffident appealing manner".


Rev. Giles Buckley does not appear on screen in ITV's 1990 TV film adaptation. However, Japp does mention he must go and have a word with Maggie's parents, implying that they had come down to St. Loo presumably for the inquest.

In the NHK anime adaptation The Mystery of End House, Rev Buckley has a slightly larger role and possibly more lines than in the original, although the first name Giles is not used. They came down to St. Loo after Maggie was murdered. Later Poirot goes up to Yorkshire to visit Rev and Mrs Buckley. There Rev Buckley shows Poirot the tombstone of Maggie. It was being carved by the curate of his church, someone whom he said he had hoped Maggie would marry in one or two years time. Later Nick also revealed that Rev Buckley did not like rich people. He therefore would not have approved of Maggie getting engaged to Michael Seton. As a result, Maggie had to keep her engagement secret. She also had to ask Nick to act as the go-between for the letters between her and Seton. Despite the fairly large number of lines, the voice actor behind the character is not credited.