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In the novel Nemesis, Mrs Geraldine Riseley-Porter is the aunt of Joanna Crawford. Her niece accompanies her on a tour with Famous Houses and Gardens.

Mrs Riseley-Porter is described as "a well-preserved, well-dressed woman of obvious social importance in her own mind, but probably in other people's minds as well". She is about sixty years old.

Mrs Riseley-Porter is quite bossy, and speaks in a "deep, authoritative voice". When the tour group visits a Queen Anne Manor House, she decides that she has had enough of seeing the house, and that they should see the gardens instead. She speaks with such authority that everyone near at hand or within hearing follow her obediently out to the garden.

After the death of Miss Temple, Mrs Riseley-Porter decides to continue with the tour. However, when Joanna decides to stay behind on the grounds that she has a sore throat and feels a temperature coming on, Mrs Riseley-Porter is very indignant. She is of the opinion that it is all nonsense, and Joanna wants to stay behind because she is in love with Emlyn Price. Mrs Riseley-Porter questions how she will manage on the tour, with nobody to look after her and collect her luggage.