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In the novel One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, Georgina Morley is the sister of Henry Morley.

Miss Morley kept house for her brother, and is described as being a "large woman rather like a female grenadier". She speaks in a deep bass voice.

After the death of her brother, Miss Morley tells Poirot and Chief Inspector Japp that there was nothing on her brother's mind, and that he had no reason for taking his own life. She also tells them about how her brother had disapproved of the relationship between Gladys Nevill and Frank Carter, and had tried to get Gladys to break it off.

Miss Morley also tells Poirot and Japp that her brother was making a good income, and had a certain amount put by. Other than a hundred pounds which was left to Gladys Nevill, she inherited his money.

Miss Morley later moves to a small country cottage near Hertford. When Poirot calls on her there, her face is described as having "grown slightly grimmer, her carriage more upright, her general attitude towards life more unyielding". The inquest had found that Mr Morley had mistakenly given Mr Amberiotis an overdose of adrenaline and novocaine, which cast a slur on Mr Morley's professional name. Miss Morley resented this.