In the novel A Murder is Announced, Chief Constable George Rydesdale is the superior of Inspector Craddock during the murder investigation in Chipping Cleghorn. He is the Chief Constable of Middleshire.

He is of medium height, and has shrewd eyes, and bushy eyebrows. He is a quiet man, who tends to listen rather than talk.

He receives a letter from Miss Marple while she is staying at the Royal Spa Hotel in Medenham Wells. He, Sir Henry Clithering, and Inspector Craddock go to the hotel to meet her, where she tells them about a check of hers, which Rudi Scherz had altered.


In the BBC adaptation of the novel which formed part of the Miss Marple series, Rydesdale is played by Richard Bebb. In this adaptation, Sir Henry Clithering is not featured. Here Rydesdale is the one who suggests that Craddock look up Miss Marple. He does however add Sir Henry's advice that one should not dismiss "scatty old ladies" too quickly.

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