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In the novel Five Little Pigs, George Mayhew is the son of Caroline's solicitor in the original trial against her.

Mayhew told Poirot that he couldn't tell him much about the case as he was only a boy of nineteen at the time. His firm (also that of his father) were not the regular solicitors for the Crale family. The firm of "Jonathan & Jonathan" were the Crale solicitors but Caleb Jonathan felt that he could not act for Mrs Crale and he arranged with Mayhew to take over. George Mayhew suggested that Poirot speak to Caleb Jonathan, and also to Mr Edmunds, the Mayhew firm's managing clerk. He was with the firm at the time and took a great interest in the case.

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With Agatha Christie, Mayhew was a popular name for lawyer characters. See: Mr Mayhew disambiguation.