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The Honourable George Lomax (a.k.a. “Codders” in The Seven Dials Mystery) is working with the Foreign Office. He is the cousin of Virginia Revel. Lomax is a friend of Lord Caterham and his daughter Eileen.

On his request, Lord Caterham arranged a weekend party and invited several prominent guests to his country estate Chimneys. Among the guests is Prince Michael, presumed heir to the long-empty throne of Herzoslovakia. George was very nervous when he discovered that Prince Michael was killed in Chimneys.

George Lomax lives at Wyvern Abbey.


The Secret of Chimneys - here, George has a major role as he is a friend of Lord Caterham, owner of Chimneys

The Seven Dials Mystery - just like most characters from The Secret of Chimneys (notably Lady Eileen Brent), George is kept in the novel. His role is also very important here.