In the Le crime de Noël episode of TV series Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie, M. Gaston Vernet is an educator at the Orphelinat Sainte-Cécile. A soft-spoken and sympathetic person, Gaston is popular with the orphans there and seems to have an understanding of their problems. When he finds a radio that Rudy, an orphan, has hidden away, he does not report it. He also suggested setting up a Christmas tree for the children to decorate as that would be an activity they would enjoy. This proposal was rejected out of hand by the matron Madame Hautin on the grounds that the children were not there to enjoy but to learn about the realities of life. Hautin would later criticise Vernet for being too soft.

Given his popularity and amiability, it is therefore a surprise to many when commissaire Laurence revealed that Vernet was actually responsible for a string of crimes beginning with the murder of Hubert Dopagne, the kidnapping of Baptiste Sauvage, a witness of Hubert's murder, the murder of Sylvie and the death (probably accidental) of Mireille Dopagne whom he had an affair with. Alice Avril, who had entered the orphanage undercover as a teacher and had established a connection with Vernet was particularly surprised and demanded an explanation from him. For Vernet, the reason began with his mother Martine who had been a waitress working for Hubert. Hubert had forced himself on her and made her pregnant. After she gave birth to Gaston, Hubert rejected them and Martine had hanged herself. Gaston grew up without parents, living in an attic with his grandparents who didn't really want him, but all the while plotting his revenge.

Gaston was portrayed by Julien Bouanich.

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