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Freddie Rice as portrayed in Agatha Christie's Poirot

In Peril at End House, Mrs Frederica “Freddie” Rice is a close friend of Nick Buckley. Her husband abuses her, and she is addicted to cocaine.

She is described as "a weary Madonna", with "fair, almost colourless hair, parted in the middle and drawn straight down over her ears to a knot in the neck". Her face is very pale and emaciated, and she has light grey eyes with large pupils. She appears to be mentally tired, as if she finds everything in the world empty and valueless.

Frederica's husband drank and did drugs, and was the one who introduced her to cocaine. A year or two before the events of the novel, she left him. She also managed to cut down to a smaller dose of cocaine. However, she was not able to divorce her husband, as she did not know where he was.

It is revealed that Frederica's husband used to turn up and demand money from her. He would threaten to shoot himself, or shoot her, if she did not give him money. Towards the end of the novel, he comes to End House, and shoots at Frederica through the window, before shooting himself, and dying. Frederica sustains only a minor injury, as the bullet just grazes her shoulder.

At the end of the novel, Frederica and Jim Lazarus announce their intention to get married.