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Under a variety of titles Flynn's (Weekly) (Detective) (Fiction) (Magazine) was one of the most popular, and longest running, of all the detective pulps - notching up an impressive 929 issues over a period of 28 years, maintaining a rigid publication schedule for 17 of those years.[1][2]

It was launched in September 1924 by Frank A. Munsey under the name Flynn's and continued, on a weekly basis, with variations of that name for four years: Flynn's (20 Sep 1924 - 22 May 1926), Flynn's Weekly (29 May1926 – 11 Jun 1927) and Flynn's Weekly Detective Fiction (18 Jun 1927 – 26 May 1928). The "Flynn's" part of the name was dropped with effect from the 2nd June 1928 issue and it became just Detective Fiction Weekly, the name under which it is best known and with which it ran for 14 years.

In the middle of 1941 the frequency of the magazine fell back, first to twice monthly, and then to monthly, and in July 1942 the magazine was renamed to Flynn's Detective, concentrating on true crime stories. This lasted for only six issues before Munsey sold the magazine to Popular Publications, who revived the fiction content and renamed the magazine as Flynn's Detective Fiction Magazine

Publications of Agatha Christie stories[]

The period relevant to Agatha Christie is the 1920s. Records are incomplete and only the following have been traced:


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