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In the novel The Moving Finger, Florence Elford was a former parlourmaid of the Barton family. She had married after serving them for fifteen years. Her husband is in the building trade, and they live in a house in the High Street.

Emily Barton later lived with Florence after renting out her house Little Furze to Jerry Burton and his sister.

Florence is described as a "tall rawboned fierce-looking woman". She is very loyal to Emily Barton, and says that she would do anything for her. She looks at Jerry and Joanna reproachfully, because she feels that Miss Barton should be in her own house, and not having to stay in rooms. She is indignant when Miss Barton receives an anonymous letter, and tells Superintendent Nash about it.

Florence does not appear in person in either the BBC 1985 adaptation of the novel or the ITV 2006 adaptation. In the latter, Miss Barton does mention that she will be staying with Florence who lives with her husband. They have a house on the High Street.