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Flora ackroyd and, I guess, her mother

Actress Flora Montgomery as Flora Ackroyd. Behind her sits Flora's mother

In the Hercule Poirot novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Flora Ackroyd is Roger Ackroyd's niece, his brother Cecil's daughter. She requests Poirot's help to investigate her uncle's murder. Flora Ackroyd is described as a straightforward British girl with "the real Scandinavian pale gold hair, blue eyes and boyish wide shoulders".

She is in serious financial problems, along with her mother. Both of them recently arrived in King's Abbot from Canada. They live with Roger at Fernly Park and are financially dependent on him.

She is engaged to Ralph at her uncle's request, unaware her fiancé has already married Ursula Bourne. She doesn't get angry or disappointed at Ralph because she would have made a fake engagement too if she was in his position. Flora and Ursula later get along well.

With the death of her uncle, she inherits a huge fortune. Flora's mother, though, believes that the twenty thousand pounds of the will should have been left to her instead of Flora. Hercule Poirot doesn't agree because unlike Mrs Ackroyd, Flora is a blood relative of Roger.

Flora declared that she had last seen her uncle alive at 9:45 PM. She said that she went to talk to him for a moment, then went to sleep. However, the only witness of this was the butler Parker, and he had only seen Flora getting out of the study room. This led Poirot to think that Flora was actually in her uncle's bedroom to steal forty pounds. When she hears Parker coming, she invents that she was actualy talking to Roger. The latter was actually already dead at 8:50 PM.

Flora later gets engaged with Hector Blunt, who was secretly in love with her and tried to defend her when she confessed that she stole the money.


Agatha Christie's Poirot[]

In the 2000 Agatha Christie's Poirot episode based off The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Flora Ackroyd was portrayed by actress Flora Montgomery. Here she is described along with her mother as a scavenger by a much more unsympathetic Dr Sheppard. Flora is first seen drinking tea the evening of the murder with Mrs Ackroyd who discussed about her daughter's engagement. Here there is no sub plot of her getting engaged to Major Blunt since his character is omitted in the episode.

BBC Radio 4[]

In the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of the novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, she was voiced by Zelah Clarke.

The Murder of Kuroido[]

In the Japanese adaptation Kuroido Goroshi, there is a character inspired by Flora Ackroyd called Hanako Kuroido.