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The house used to film Fernly Park in Agatha Christie's Poirot

In the novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Fernly Park is the home of Roger Ackroyd. It has a large entrance hall, a drawing room, a dining room, and a study room. Next to the study is a stairwell that leads to Roger’s room. The house also features a balcony outside the first floor, and a small dépendance. There is also a lodge where a Mary Black lives. In the garden can be found an artificial pond. Poirot was interested in an object found in it. The bedrooms are all in the upper floor.

There is also a large Servants' Hall in an unspecified location of the house.

Upon exiting Fernly Park, a Dr Sheppard came across a mysterious man with a trace of American accent in his voice who asked him the way to Roger Ackroyd's household. The arrangement of the house provides indeed vital clues for the story’s solution. For more information, visit page Roger Ackroyd.


Fernly Park’s arrangement in the original novel (Italian translated blueprint)

People living at Fernly Park[]