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In the novel Nemesis, Famous Houses and Gardens of Great Britain is a coach touring company. Miss Marple went on their Tour No. 37. The company has offices in Berkeley Street in London.

People onboard the Tour No. 37 bus[]


In the BBC 1987 adaptation of the novel, Miss Marple and her godson Lionel Peel went on the tour "Historic Homes and Gardens" operated by "Blue Luxury Tours".

In the 2009 ITV adaptation, the tour is renamed the "Daffodil Motor Coach Tours" and has a very specific itinerary, most likely handpicked by Jason Rafiel, all locations relevant to the case he wants Miss Marple to investigate: Forrester Grange, Medhurst (and the Bonaventure Rocks), and St. Elspeth's Convent. The tour guide/coach driver is Georgina Barrow (a hybrid of Mrs Sandbourne and Miss Barrow from the original). Except for Miss Marple and Raymond West, all the members of the tour are somehow relevant to the case and appear to know one another. One of the first challenges Miss Marple faces is to establish the links between the tour members.