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Exeter is a cathedral city and the county town (capital) of the county of Devon, England. Devon being Agatha Christie's home county, it is not surprising that Exeter is mentioned frequently in her works.

Exeter in the works by Agatha Christie[]

Exeter in the life of Agatha Christie[]

Exeter was one of the favourite cities of Agatha Christie's mother. In An Autobiography, Christie notes that her mother liked cathedral towns and would have preferred to live in a small house near Exeter rather than at Ashfield. In 1905, Agatha's mother dragged her on a quick trip to Exeter to watch a performance of Henry Irving as "Becket" in Tennyson's play of the same name. According to Christie, since that time, the theatre had never stopped to be a part of her life.[2][3]

The University of Exeter awarded Agatha Christie an honorary doctorate in 1961.


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