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In the novel Crooked House, Eustace Leonides is second child of Philip Leonides and Magda West in between Sophia and Josephine. He is described as "a handsome, dark boy of about sixteen". He contracted a mild case of polio not very long before the events in the plot.

Although Eustace recovered from polio, the illness left him with a discernible stiffness in his gait. His grandfather Aristide Leonides deemed that it would not be advisable to send him to a public school and engaged a private tutor for him. This caused a him to have a deep resentment for his grandfather. It also made him moody and at times unreachable to the other family members. Charles Hayward observed that behind a the ill-tempered manner was an inquiring and able mind. The attack of polio would not have been very long ago: Eustace told Charles that he "was to have been in the eleven next term and [he would] got my house colours." The illness was "a frustration and a setback, just at a moment when he had been enjoying life."

Eustace's resentment for his grandfather made him a plausible suspect the events which befall his family.


In the 2017 Sony Films adaptation, Eustace is portrayed by Preston Nyman. The portrayal is faithful to the original although here Eustace is slightly older.