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In the short story Motive v. Opportunity, Mrs Eurydice Spragg is an American woman claiming to be a spiritualist medium. She claimed to be able to communicate with the Christobel Clode the beloved late granddaughter of the wealthy old man Simon Clode. This interested Simon very much and she soon moved into his household as an "honoured guest" together with her husband Absalom and conducted frequent seances. Simon became very impressed by Eurydice and grateful for the comfort she had brought him that he wanted to change his will so that Eurydice and not his relatives would now receive the bulk of his estate.

Simon's relatives brought in Professor Longman, a respected authority on spiritualism, but the most he would say was that he could not detect direct fraud but her "phenomenon" was probably not genuine.

Mr Petherick, Simon's solicitor, described Eurydice as "a stout woman of middle age, dressed in a flamboyant style." She was full of "cant phrases" about “Our dear ones who have passed over.”


In NHK's anime adaptation Motive v. Opportunity, Eurydice and her husband are made out, by their speech and behaviour, to be much more obviously frauds and schemers than in the original story. The voice talent behind the character is not, however, credited.