In the novel Murder in Mesopotamia, Eric Leidner is a Swedish archaeologist and the second husband of Louise Leidner. At the time of the events of the novel, they had been married less than two years. He is the head of the University of Pittstown Expedition in Iraq, and is interested in pottery.

Dr Leidner is described as a man of "middle height with slightly stooping shoulders, a brown beard and gentle, tired eyes". He has a "rather nervous, hesitating manner", and there is "something gentle and kindly and rather helpless about him".

Dr Leidner tells Dr Reilly that he is worried about his wife, as she experiences nervous terrors. He wants to hire a nurse to look after her, and Dr Reilly recommends Nurse Leatheran.

One night, Louise hears a noise in the antika room, and alerts Nurse Leatheran and her husband. Louise reacts with fear for herself, but Dr Leidner is only concerned about the artifacts in the antika room, and goes to investigate.

Later it turned out that Eric in reality is Frederick Bosner, Louise Leidner's first husband thought to be dead for several years.

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