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Enoch Arden is a poem by the poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson. In the poem, Enoch Arden leaves his wife to go to sea, but is shipwrecked on a lone island and returns home after ten years, only to find his wife happily married to another man. He never reveals his true identity to her, and eventually dies of a broken heart.

"And on the book, half-frightened, Miriam swore.
Then Enoch rolling his gray eyes upon her,
'Did you know Enoch Arden of this town?'
'Know him?' she said 'I knew him far away.
Ay, ay, I mind him coming down the street;
Held his head high, and cared for no man, he.'
Slowly and sadly Enoch answer'd her;
'His head is low, and no man cares for him.
I think I have not three days more to live;
I am the man.'"

(Enoch Arden with his dying breath to Miriam, a woman from his hometown)

Enoch Arden in the works by Agatha Christie[]