Endless Night was presented as a one-hour radio play in the Saturday Theatre strand on BBC Radio 4 on August 30, 2008 at 2.30pm. The play's recording took place at Broadcasting House and had an original score composed by Nicolai Abrahamsen.

Adaptor: Joy Wilkinson Producer/Director: Sam Hoyle


  • Jonathan Forbes as Mike
  • Lizzy Watts as Ellie
  • Sara Stewart as Greta
  • Joan Walker as Cora/Mike's Mother
  • Victoria Lennox as Mrs Lee
  • Chris Pavlo as Mr Constantine/Auctioneer/Policeman/Assistant
  • John Rowe as Philpott/Lippincott
  • Joseph Tremain as Young Mike/Army Boy
  • Dan Starkey as Santonix/Frank
  • Thomas Brown-Lowe as Oscar
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