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End house

End House in "Agatha Christie's Poirot". Here "The Moult" in Salcombe has been used as the filming location.

In the novel Peril at End House, End House is the home of Nick Buckley, near St. Loo in Cornwall. Ellen and William Wilson work there as housemaid and gardener. End House has a small lodge where Bert and Mildred Croft live.

Real life inspiration[]

The descriptions of the setting of the Majestic Hotel and End House closely match that of The Imperial Hotel at Torquay. There was a house on a hillside above the hotel to the east known as "Rockend". This is believed to be the inspiration for End House. In Christie's time, only this house stood on the hillside and it dominated the area. Today the area is highly developed with large numbers of detached housing. The original Rockend building no longer exists and appears to have been replaced in the same location by "Manston Court", a block of terraced houses.


In the ITV David Suchet film adaptation of Peril at End House, "The Moult", a large house on a hillside near Salcombe is used as the filming location for End House.