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In the novel Nemesis, Emlyn Price is a young man on the Famous Houses and Gardens tour. He fell in love with Joanna Crawford.

Emlyn is about nineteen or twenty years old, and has "an outsize rich mop of non-disciplined black hair". He is a bit colour-blind, and does not always know red from green very well. Joanna notices this when she asks him if he has seen her red scarf, and he mentions seeing a green one. However, when he brings it to her, it turns out to be the red one she was looking for. Emlyn tells her not to tell people that he is colour-blind, as he does not like it, and he feels that it puts people off in some way.

On the day of the accident in which Miss Temple is injured, Emlyn and Joanna leave the path, and walk higher up the hillside. They look at the flowers, as Emlyn is interested in botany.

After the accident, Emlyn goes to The Old Manor House to tell Miss Marple about it, and to accompany her back to the Golden Boar to join the rest of the tour group.

After the death of Miss Temple, Emlyn is called to give evidence at the inquest, and his story is "practically a replica of Joanna's".

After the inquest and memorial service for Miss Temple, Emlyn decides not to continue with the tour, and to stay in Jocelyn St Mary for a few days. He says that he is going to do some excursions in the area. He also tells Miss Marple that Joanna is tired of her aunt, Mrs Riseley-Porter bossing her around all the time, and implies that Joanna is staying behind to spend time with him.