Gillian Barge as Emily Inglethorp

In The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Emily Inglethorp was an elderly woman. She was described as a "selfish woman in her own way. She was very generous, but she always wanted a return". She was married to Alfred Inglethorp, which was about twenty years younger than her. Through her first marriage she was the stepmother of John and Lawrence Cavendish. She was poisoned with strychnine.

The whole family of Mrs Inglethorp depended on her. This is very similar to the relationship between Mrs Boynton and her family in Appointment with Death, and patriarch Aristide with the Leonides family in Crooked House. In Curtain, Judith Hastings classified Emily as the ‘type of selfish person’ that didn’t let the younger members of their family ‘have a life’.

Emily Inglethorp's will[edit | edit source]

She lived at Styles Court. With her death, all her fortune was to be given to her husband Alfred, whereas the house was inherited by John.

Characters with a connection to Emily[edit | edit source]

Alfred Inglethorp - Emily's much younger second husband, considered by many to be a fortune hunter

Evelyn Howard - Emily's companion, who had negative views about her marrying Alfred

Mr Cavendish - Emily's first husband, father of John and Lawrence. Passed away before the events of the novel

John Cavendish - Emily's eldest stepson, married to Mary

Mary Cavendish - Emily's daughter-in-law

Lawrence Cavendish - Youngest stepson of Emily through her first marriage

Cynthia Murdoch - Daughter of a friend of Emily Inglethorp. Lives at Styles court since her mother died

Dorcas - Emily's long serving maid

Role in the novel (contains spoilers)[edit | edit source]

Before being poisoned, Emily was heard arguing with a man in her study room. She later ordered her maid to turn on the fire. This was because she was arguing with her son John. She wanted to eliminate John from her will, but she later discovered that Alfred was having an affair with Evelyn Howard and burned the new version of it. Emily was poisoned with strychnine, and accused her husband of having killed her. The murderer had wore a black beard similar to Alfred’s to deceive the victim.

The prime suspect for Emily's murder was Alfred. He gained the most from Emily's death, and he was seen buying strychnine. However, Alfred had a true alibi that was confirmed.

The murderer actually turned out to be Emily's companion, Evelyn Howard, who, despite seemingly hating Alfred, turned out to be in league with him. The poison used wasn't only strychnine, but Evelyn had suggested adding an accelerating agent to Emily's medicine (which consisted of strychnine).

Portrayals[edit | edit source]

In Agatha Christie's Poirot, Emily Inglethorp was portrayed by Gillian Barge.

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