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In the novel Cards on the Table, Elsie Batt is a former parlourmaid to Mrs Craddock, a patient of Dr Roberts. Shortly after the death of Mr Craddock, Mrs Craddock sold the house, gave the servants their notice, and went abroad to Egypt, where she later died.

Sergeant O'Connor is tasked with approaching Elsie unofficially, and getting information about the Craddocks from her. Elsie goes with him to the Willy Nilly Revue.

Elsie tells Sergeant O'Connor about how Mrs Craddock always complained about her husband negecting her, and how she was always sending for Dr Roberts. She mentions a row between Mr Craddock and Dr Roberts, where Mr Craddock was accusing the doctor of unprofessional conduct, and threatening to have him struck off the Medical Register. Elsie was not supposed to have overheard this, but she had thought something was up, and had gotten out the dustpan to brush the stairs. The doctor had calmed Mr Craddock down, and had washed his hands in the dressing-room before going on to his next case.

Elsie also says that shortly after this incident, Mr Craddock contracted anthrax and died. Dr Roberts did not come to the house after that, but Mrs Craddock did go to him for inoculations against typhoid fever in preparation for her trip to Egypt.

At the end of their date, Sergeant O'Connor tells Elsie that he has to go away on business for his firm, and may be going abroad. Elsie is slightly disappointed, but tells herself that "there's always Fred".