Actress Helen Cherry as Elizabeth Temple

In the novel Nemesis, Miss Elizabeth Margaret Temple, PhD was the retired headmistress at a school for girls, Fallowfield. Verity Hunt had been one of her pupils.

Miss Temple died after being injured by a rock slide.

Portrayals[edit | edit source]

In the BBC 1987 adaptation of the novel, Elizabeth Temple is portrayed by Helen Cherry. She plays largely the same role as in the original with some small differences. In this adaptation, she receives a brochure for the bus tour as part of an overall plan made by the dying Jason Rafiel. This persuades her to join the tour. Like in the original, she meets Miss Marple and describes herself as being on a pilgrimage. She also gives Miss Marple some idea of what she is looking for by talking about Verity Hunt and how this "shining girl" had died "of love". She is killed in a different way. Inside the library of Kingminster Castle, a marble bust is pushed down and falls on her, fatally injuring her. She does ask for Miss Marple but she manages to say much less than she did in the novel. Here she only manages to tell Miss Marple to "ask them about Verity". There are also a number of added plot elements. She asks Lionel Peel to take her to see Rafiel House. In this adaptation, she tried to contact Archdeacon Brabazon but only manages to receive a telephone message from someone saying that the Archdeacon no longer lived where she thought he did. Miss Marple finds this message on the hotel board after Elizabeth died and noted the name. Miss Marple and Professor Wanstead later encounter an elderly clergyman at the funeral and correctly surmise that he was the Archdeacon. A final added plot element gives a different explanation as to why she was killed. The police discovered a letter from Elizabeth Temple to Clotilde Bradbury-Scott. This had been written while she was staying at the Golden Boar in Abbey Ducis. In this letter, according to Professor Wanstead, Elizabeth more or less accuses Clotilde of causing Verity's death and offering to help her come forward and confess. In the original, the motivation was different. Elizabeth was on her way to see Archdeacon Brabazon who lived nearby at the next coach stop. Clotilde had to prevent this as she feared that if the two conferred with each other, they might stumble on the truth.

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