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In the novel Elephants Can Remember, Edward Ravenscroft is the younger brother of Celia. He is four years younger than her. He was eight or nine at the time of the death of his parents. He was not at Overcliffe at the time as he was attending a boarding school.

According to Ariadne Oliver, at the time of the events in the book he is studying in a university in Canada or pursuing an engineering course somewhere. Mrs Oliver had taken him out from school once or twice years ago, but had hardly ever seen him otherwise.

When Edward was three or four years old, Mademoiselle Rouselle was his nursery-governess. She described him as being a "mischievous but lovable child". Edward and Celia affectionately called Mlle Rouselle "Maddy".

Later, Edward and Celia had another governess, Zélie Meauhourat. According to Zélie, Edward's aunt, Dorothea Jarrow, disliked him, as well as other children. When Edward was eight or nine years old, he was in danger of accidents twice. It is implied that Dorothea was responsible for these accidents. One incident had to do with tinkering with a car, and another was an "outburst of violent annoyance". Lady Ravenscroft was worried about Edward's safety, and was glad when he went back to school.

According to Mrs Buckle, when Edward was a child, his father was a bit worried about him. He did not like the way Edward wore his hair. Edward also looked like he disliked his father. Mrs Buckle was also of the opinion that Lady Ravenscroft fussed over Edward a bit too much, and that he found it tiresome.

Edward had a tutor named Mr Edmunds, who stayed at Overcliffe for about a year. Mrs Buckle thought that Edward had been "quite a bit soft" on Mr Edmunds, and had almost "a bit of hero-worship" for him.