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In the novel And Then There Were None, Dr Edward George Armstrong was a physician with a practice in Harley Street. He caused the death of one of his patients, while attending surgery drunk. Dr Armstrong was invited to Soldier Island by the Owens as a family doctor.

He owned a Morris.


  • Dr Armstrong unknowingly helped U. N. Owen, by faking the latter's death.
  • He was believed to be the murderer by the guests.
  • Armstrong knew Lawrence J. Wargrave by sight before arriving to Soldier Island.
  • He was the last guest to arrive to the island. He was driven there by Fred Narracott.

TV Portrayals[]

In the 2015 BBC miniseries of And Then There Were None, Doctor Armstrong was portrayed by Toby Stephens. His role here remains mostly faithful to the original one.

In the 1945 movie adaptation of And Then There Were None, he was portrayed by actor Walter Huston.

In the 1974 And Then There Were None film, he was played by Herbert Lom.