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Edna was the maid of Miss Marple. She has a cousin named Gladys Holmes.



Neither the television series Miss Marple nor Agatha Christie's Marple adapted any of the short stories featuring Edna.

Edna makes an appearance in the anime show Strange Will, NHK's adaptation of the Miss Marple short story Strange Jest. There she serves tea to Miss Marple and her guests. She only has one line but the actress who voiced the character is credited as Yukari Hirayama. Surprisingly, she does not appear in the next episode, The Perfect Maid although she plays a major part in the original story. Much of her role is given to Mabel West. Edna is seen again in Tape-Measure Murder but she doesn't have a speaking part here. She serves dinner and Miss Marple compliments her cooking. Her final appearances is in Motive v. Opportunity where she helps Miss Marple stage a fake seance involving the appearance of Oliver's mother in order to entertain Mabel.